Recap: 4/09 – 2 years after planting

Posted in Uncategorized by forestgardens on 2009/07/27

The garden is visibly more lush this year and you can really see all the runners and clumpers in the shot below. The perennials are well established after 2 years.


Over the winter of 08 I planted winter rye and clover as a cover crop from Seeds of Change I didnt take pictures but I’ll make sure to do it this year.


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  1. Jeanne said, on 2009/08/01 at 12:33 am

    Do you turn this into the soil in the spring? I seem to remember hearing about something like this being a type of organic soil enrichment….

    • forestgardens said, on 2009/08/03 at 4:12 pm

      Yeah, it all goes back into the soil. It grows in the winter and its deep roots help to keep the soil alive and in place.The deep roots also draw up nutrients that are deeper in the soil and before the rye goes to seed/when it flowers, the tops are cuts and used as mulch and slowly breaks down releasing the nutrients back into the soil.

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